Is Zendaya is Pregnant?

Social media is flooded by Fans in search of the answer!

If you believe Zendaya is pregnant with Tom Holland's child, you have surely been 'Krissed.'

Is Zendaya Pregnant?

No, Zendaya Is Not Pregnant

Zendaya has denied being pregnant after becoming famous on Twitter as a result of a TikTok prank.

Is Zendaya Pregnant?

According to reports, You Just Got Krissed, a famous online joke, exploits fake headlines to gain likes and views.

Is Zendaya Pregnant?

The TikTok video that has gone viral is a prank, and many people have fallen for it.

For those unfamiliar, an altered photograph of Zendaya went viral in January 2022, showing the star flaunting a baby bump at a red-carpet event.