UAPs? UFOs? Strange Lights in the San Diego Sky

UFOs? UAPs? San Diego police said they had found the answer to the mystery on Monday night after getting many complaints of odd lights in the sky.

San Diego lifeguards alerted SDPD that the orange lights observed in Tijuana, downtown San Diego, and other locations were really flares used in a military drill.

Around ten o'clock at night, NBC 7 began receiving reports, one of which was from a Mount Helix resident of La Mesa who reported, 

There were three orange dots in a row in the sky downtown. They never moved. Then suddenly there were 5, then 6 appeared. 

The lights would never go off in different directions; they would merely flicker out on a few and then come back on a few minutes later. It was strange but fascinating.

Other callers informed NBC 7 that the flares could be seen as far south as Rosarito in Baja California and as far north as La Jolla. NBC 7 contacted military authorities, but they have not responded.