Top 6 Email Organization Mistakes to Avoid

Top 6 Email Organization Mistakes to Avoid

Top 6 Email Organization Mistakes to Avoid

1. Stop Sending So Many Emails

Sometimes it’s much better to do things in person or over the phone than using email. You need to learn how to spot this situation or else you might be inundated with email replies.

In general, emails are great for conveying well-formed messages that require simple confirmation at best. It is not very suitable for extended group conversations where several participants share ideas with others.

2. Start Reading Your Emails Regularly

We know the last thing you want to do before or after work is read work-related emails, but it’s a must if you want to be an effective email organizer.

Depending on the number of emails you receive each day, it may take just a few days or even hours for your inbox to start filling up with new unread emails. By regularly checking your email, you can ensure that the situation never gets out of hand.

3. Start checking your email all day long

There is no longer any reason not to own a smartphone. Whatever email service you use, there is a way to make it work on all major mobile operating systems.

Having your email on your phone makes it easy to read new emails throughout the day, which can dramatically reduce the time you spend on your scheduled email reading sessions, the importance of which we described in the previous chapter.

4. Start using an email client

Web-based email services are great because you can easily access them from anywhere, even from your own PC.

But even the best web-based user interface can’t match the power and convenience of a dedicated email client like Outlook or Mailbird.

The email client is faster, can display emails from multiple email services in one window, supports keyboard shortcuts, has a powerful spell checker, and works on all operating systems and devices.

We’ve already mentioned Outlook and Mailbird, arguably the most popular email clients on Windows,

but there’s also Airmail, the iPhone and macOS email client from Italian company Bloop SRL, Mailbox, a desktop email client and an A-feed reader for Windows and macOS, a free and

open-source cross-platform email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation, written and sold by Postbox, Inc. or Mozilla Thunderbird, just to name a few available options.

5. Stop subscribing to newsletters

Websites and businesses love email newsletters because they allow them to stay engaged and sell products with minimal effort. While some newsletters are clearly valuable, sooner or later most will be ignored.

You might think subscribing to a newsletter wouldn’t hurt — after all, you can always unsubscribe later — but experience has taught us that things often go much faster than they seem at first glance.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you stop subscribing to all newsletters and instead use other communication channels to receive information from websites and companies, such as social media networks or RSS.

6. Start using multiple mailboxes

Why use just one mailbox for everything when you can have multiple mailboxes and another mailbox for everything you do. For example, you can have one mailbox for work-related emails and one mailbox for personal emails.

Some people prefer to take it a step further and use privacy-focused email services like ProtonMail for potentially sensitive personal communications, and free and convenient email services like Gmail for web services and online shopping.

Another benefit of this approach is better security. A degree of separation between different activities minimizes the impact of an email leak and leaves less information available to malicious hackers.

We know that spam accounts for 45% of all emails sent. We also know that approximately 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every day, many of which are advertising in one form or another. To say that spam leads to a loss of productivity is an understatement.



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