Top 5 Anti AdBlock WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Anti AdBlock WordPress Plugins

Why Use an Ad Blocking WordPress Plugin?

People don’t hate ads, they hate bad ads. The truth is that people prefer free-content to hate ads. If ad blockers are not defeated, the idea of ​​getting information for free will disappear.

Ad blockers are now used on 615 million devices worldwide. In 2016, worldwide Adblock usage increased by 30%.

So what can you do if the majority of your blog readers and visitors actually use an adblocker? For your convenience, we have made a list of the best anti-Adblock WordPress plugins that can help you prevent Adblock from harming your online advertising activities.

 Top 5 Anti AdBlock WordPress Plugins 

1) Easy Ad Block Notification

This adblocker plugin allows you to set your own text for notification messages and ad blocker titles. You can choose the page where the message should appear, and you can also display a sticky note to annoy the visitor and get them to whitelist your site.

You can choose “Strict mode” to hide your site until the user disables the adblocker and your site is whitelisted. This option will make your WordPress site completely unavailable until an ad blocker is detected. You can also turn off Simple ad-block notifications for specific pages if there are no ads on those pages.

Simple Adblock Notice comes with a very basic free version. In the free version, you can only set how often notifications appear. To enable some other features, you need to upgrade to the Pro version, which costs $5.

2) Ad-block notification

This adblocking plugin can help you politely convince your viewers to disable adblockers while browsing your website. The plugin detects if the user is using any kind of adblocker. If they use, you can show them targeted messages.

You can edit the message. You can customize the popup by choosing from multiple templates, colors, animations, bold lines, effects, and more. You can write custom CSS to make the message more persuasive. You can also send pop-ups at certain times during a visitor’s visit. You can decide when your data is displayed.

You can also track Adblocker Notify’s performance through the plugin’s statistics on the impact of adblockers on your website.

3) Adz safe

This adblocking plugin gives you full control over your ads and gets the compensation you deserve. It ensures that your ads can be safely loaded and viewed in user browsers that have ad blockers installed.

Adzsafe does not require you to change ad networks. You can use its services with your original ad provider. Although your website does not have enough visitors, you can make use of its services. It has no minimum traffic requirements. In addition to these benefits, it doesn’t expect you to share in ad revenue like other ad blocking solutions.

It comes with a 15-day free trial. All you need to do is register with simple steps. It can help you prevent ad blockers from interfering with your ads and hurting your online ad revenue.

4) Block Ad Blocking

This plugin will help you regain lost revenue from your website. It is easy to use and set up.

You can edit your message. You can choose the display method. Three display modes are available: Paste Bar, Full Screen, and Pop-up. In the full-screen version, you will not allow users to view your site’s content until they disable the adblocker.

Block Adblock has two modes, Block mode, and Nag mode. Blocking mode completely excludes ad blockers until they whitelist your site.

In Nag mode, it only bothers the user with ad-blocking once by asking them to whitelist your site. If they don’t disable the ad blocker, they can still come. During that session, the lock screen will not reappear. It may appear in future sessions if the user uses or opens a different browser tab with a different browser.

5) Ad Blocking Detector

This anti-adblocker plugin provides you with shortcodes that you can use to communicate with users who use an adblocker. You can show your visitors alternative content when they have ad blockers enabled.

You can show them a custom message. Your visitors can only see your website content if the ad blocker is turned off on their device.

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