How To Replace Air Compressor Oil –Guide To Change Air Compressor Oil 2022

How To Replace Air Compressor Oil –Guide To Change Air Compressor Oil
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How To Replace Air Compressor Oil – Guide To Change Air Compressor Oil 2022

Topic: How To Replace Air Compressor Oil – Guide To Change Air Compressor Oil

Changing Or Replacing air compressor oil is not so hard as you think. Sometimes it may be confusing if you’re not cautious. Do you have to oil the air compressor?


How to Replace air compressor oil?

In this article, I will provide you with a complete guide to how to replace air compressor oil.

In order to maintain the product life and efficiency of the air compressor, you have to change the oil on the regular basis just like a car engine.

Replacing or Changing the Air Compressor Oil

In order to replace air compressor oil, you have to follow the below stated steps:

  • Before you start the process to change the oil make sure you have TURN ON the air compressor for a few minutes to warm and thin the viscosity of the oil so that it leaves the machine easily.
  • Lift the filler cap to allow air to flow into the sump.
  • Open the drain plug from the air compressor and drain the oil into the container.
  • Be cautious while draining the oil from the compressor it might be quite hot.
  • After removing the previous oil from the air compressor, restore the drain plug using a wrench.
  • Next, fill a new high-quality air compressor oil into your machine through the system fill valve.
  • Check the correct level of oil using a dipstick and make sure your machine receives the right amount of air compressor oil.

In the end, put back the air compressor fill cap and you’re done!

What kind of oil do you use in an Air Compressor?

what kind of oil does an air compressor use? So, in general, there are mainly two types of compressor oil: standard oil (which is also known as mineral oil)and the another is synthetic oil.

  • To get the foremost results synthetic lubricants may promise you only to give high energy capability and long-term productivity needed by industrial manufacturing.
  • In fact, the life of your air compressor is also extended by synthetic oil, which has low flammability and can be operated at the low-temperature key to having fewer oil changes.

How do I know if my Air Compressor needs Oil?

Air compressors need round-the-clock oil lubrication to prevent friction on moving parts of the compressor like pistons or screws.

To know if your air compressor needs oil one has to check or read the compressor manual for guidelines

  • Firstly, find out the time or date of the last change of your air compressor oil.
  • Find or locate the sight glass or measure the right amount of oil using a dipstick.
  • Examine the amount of oil spotted on the sight glass or dipstick
  • Try to find the number of hours your air compressor has been running since the time of its previous oil change.
  • You have to change the oil if you have been running your air compressor for 300 or more hours.

If you don’t know the exact last oil change date or time or have used the air compressor fewer, the manufacturer recommends changing or replacing the oil at least once a year.

Where to buy Air Compressor Oil?

  • You can buy an air compressor oil online from any E-commerce store like Amazon or Walmart
  • Furthermore, you can find an air compressor oil nearby your area Auto-parts shop.

Air Compressor Oil Substitute 

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend using an air compressor oil substitute as there is no one available.

I prefer to use the dedicated air compressor oil to get the best results.

  • The manufacturer recommends you, use the correct compressor oil to boost the product life and efficiency of your air compressor machine.
  • For the heavily used air compressor, the manufacturer recommends using synthetic compressor oils which can go up to 1000 hours between compressor oil changes.
  • If you use Synthetic compressor oil, this can save you a lot of time in maintenance for your heavily used air compressor.

How Often Should I Change Air Compressor Oil?

If you’re in a hurry I have a straightforward answer-

  • It depends on the compressor oil which you are using.
  • In case, If you’re using mineral compressor oil you should change the oil every 4000 industrial operating hours
  • On the other hand, synthetic compressor oils double the operating hours than mineral compressor oil.

Can I use Motor Oil in Air Compressor?

My direct answer is Big No!

  • Motor oil consists of cleaning agents or detergents to boost the internal combustion of the engines which harm your air compressor.
  • The additives of motor oil have lots of carbon that can accumulate in your air compressor which decreases the power and capability.


Now the questions arise which oil to be used:

  • Always try to use inorganic and non-detergent ones, If it is hard to get the exact one, use 30W or 20W air compressor oil is the best choice.
  • Manufacturers recommend 30-Weight non-detergent synthetic oils will be fine warm environments 
  • And 20-Weight air compressor oils are ideal for colder environments.
  • They can decrease the rate of damages made by unwanted deposits on the oil passage and give protection against engine deposits.

So, it concludes the topicHow to Replace air compressor oil?

How to change air compressor oil


Can I use SAE 30 oil in my Air Compressor?

The direct answer is-


The manufacturer recommends using mineral or synthetic blend 20 W or 30 W non-detergent compressor oil.

Can you mix synthetic oil with regular oil?

The right answer is-


If the blend of synthetic oil with regular oil doesn’t contain any detergents.

The air compressor experts recommend only using non-detergent compressor oils.

Can I use 10W30 in my air compressor?

The correct answer is-


It doesn’t meet the proper manufactures specifications of the weight and viscosity since 10W30 contains detergents, it should be avoided.

What is the best oil to use in an air compressor?

Air compressor experts advise using only 20 Weight or 30 Weight synthetic oil to get the best results out of your industrial air compressor machine.


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