Discuss checklist for hiring SEO content writers

Discuss checklist for hiring SEO content writers
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Discuss checklist for hiring SEO content writers

Topic: Discuss checklist for hiring SEO content writers

Content rules – Webmasters partly believed this until Google changed their algorithm and became stricter. Thousands of websites have been penalized for duplicate content and removed from the SERPs (SERPs).

Also, all such sites lose their PageRank and thus their reputation. While many sites struggled to recover, others simply gave up. The website was then built with the value of strong content creation in mind.

Outsourcing content is convenient for the owner, but the material must be original and not repetitive. Writing should also be proofread and grammatically correct.

Not enough, today’s material needs to be optimized for search engines to appear in the SERPs and stay there for as long as possible.


All the above topics and more should be discussed before using freelance or business SEO content creation services. Let’s take a look at some important ones.


Are the materials original? This applies to both SEO and general writing. Nowhere to copy material. Not only do search engines penalize such material, but also most article directories.

Plagiarism checking on almost any website that accepts material is easy.


Flow and proofreading? Articles must be proofread. Contact the SEO content author. Ask if the company or individual has native language proofreaders, especially if the content is written by a non-native English speaker.


Is the keyword density in the article correct? Writing SEO content requires optimal keyword density and placement.

Keyword stuffing is considered spam and most article directories won’t publish it because of their over-optimized material. Posts should have proper keyword placement without interrupting the flow.


Are all article titles SEO-friendly? However, most search engines prefer keywords in the first few words.

The title should be followed by the content of the article. Titles that pique the reader’s interest can also be requested.


you have everything Many writers create really SEO-friendly material, but you need to make sure that the work is not made available to other clients.

Due to misunderstandings, writers often sell their work to many customers while retaining ownership. Clear this before hiring an SEO content writer and make sure that the articles you receive are not duplicated.

We call it ghostwriting.


With a little thought, you can create SEO-friendly content. You can use it to submit articles to reputable directories like EzineArticles for real foot traffic and leads.

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