Common SEO Content Writers Mistakes

Common SEO Content Writers Mistakes
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Common SEO Content Writers Mistakes

Hiring a professional SEO content writer can be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to do it yourself. SEO is critical to driving traffic to your business.

Due to the growing demand for SEO writing, it is only natural for companies to hire content writers.

Please understand that most (if not all) programmers and web developers know nothing about SEO and the strategies they use are outdated.

How do you know you hired the wrong writer? Here are some of the most typical mistakes made by SEO content authors:

• Keyword stuffing In the past, keyword stuffing was acceptable because it was one of the most effective techniques for manipulating search engines.

If your SEO content writer repeats keywords on the page, you’ve hired a newbie. Some smart people caught on quickly, and that’s a good thing.

Pages loaded with keywords will now be penalized for cheating the algorithm. Google may see you as a spammer and you could be missing out.


• Generic keywords People in the world of SEO content writing realize that generic keywords generate less traffic. The term “cellulite” won’t help your page increase traffic,

but specific keywords like “cellulite removal” or “cellulite therapy” will. We are looking for terms that are interesting for internet people.


• Overuse of keywords. Writing too many different keywords on a page is the worst thing an SEO writer can do. Expert writers know that every web page should have only one core, specific keyword.


• Improper keyword placement. This is one of the most common writing mistakes for beginners. You can’t just write keywords in the wrong places on the page.


Your role as an SEO writer is critical. He or she should know how to develop titles that drive clicks on search engines, how often bold titles should be used to rank, how many times a keyword is repeated on a page,

and how to distinguish between winning keywords and keywords. All in all, these are just a few of the many elements involved in search engines and author writing.

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