Choosing The Right Name For Your App

Choosing The Right Name For Your App

Choosing The Right Name For Your App

It’s not enough just to develop an app for your mobile app idea. You have to give it a catchy name that is easy to remember by potential viewers to increase the number of downloads.

You may be thinking “what’s in the name?” everything.

Do you think Stefani Germanotta sounds rocky like Lady Gaga and Eldrick Woods sounds sporty like Tiger Woods? No never. It is because of these aliases that these celebrities become household names.

The world of mobile apps is no exception.

A catchy app name can help you make the first impression in a crowded app store with millions of free apps. It can help you differentiate yourself from several other similar apps in the same niche.

If you’ve implemented your mobile app idea, now is the time to give it a good name so that all your efforts in developing the app won’t be in vain.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some tips for naming your app so that it doesn’t go unnoticed among hundreds of similar apps.

1. Quick function:

The name of your app should relate to its function. Don’t pick something completely obscure or you’ll have to rely heavily on app icons to communicate your app functionality.

Before you start thinking about the name of your app, do some homework. Identify the ultimate goal of the product, the target audience, and the emotional response of users to the product.

Once you are aware of these factors, start with the traditional way of naming your app – by associating the app’s functionality with words that enhance its ingenuity.

Clarity and recognisability are the two most important factors when naming an app.

2. Original

Obviously, when naming an app, the first thing that comes to mind is to associate the name with other popular apps. Like something with the prefix Facebook or Insta.

However, keep in mind that your app will lose its legitimacy after it is approved.

Why would anyone be interested in downloading the 50th app on the play store called Facebook something or Insta something because they are getting the original?

Don’t name your app by associating it with an outdated app. Don’t imitate, be original.

3. Learn from others

While your name should be unique, you can always draw inspiration from your competitors, especially if you’re trying to break into an overcrowded app category.

Look for named apps similar to yours and note what works and what doesn’t. But, as we said before, don’t be a copycat. Don’t repeat a competitor’s app name, just add an extra character.

It won’t earn your app brownie points, but it will lower your profile.

4. Use real words

When thinking about your app name, think about how people are going to tell their friends about the app so they can download it too? While you can make up new words, don’t pick things that are hard to say and remember.

Come up with a name that people can talk about in the real world and don’t need paper and a good memory to spell correctly. Even your app can be successful with an odd name, but then again, why risk it?

5. Optimize your name for the app store and social media searches

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when naming your application. Choose a name that contains the keywords you want your app to rank for in the app store. But don’t enter keywords.

Use them sparingly and naturally in titles and descriptions. This will help to improve the position of your app in the app store. Also, make sure your app name works as a domain name and social media account. This is necessary to market your application.

You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner for keyword research.

6. Find the right length

Keep your app name short and to the point. Do not use a long name, as it is difficult to remember. On the other hand, searching for names that are too short can make it difficult to find one that is not used by others.

By adding the availability of handles and domain names for social media to this criterion, the list becomes even smaller. Therefore, choose a name that is short, clear, easy to remember, and conveys the functionality of the app.


There is a lot to consider when naming an application. These are just a few factors. However, consider these points and name some of the best names. If it’s the last show, follow your gut feeling and name the app.

After all, this is your request.

Get compelling mobile apps for your business, developed by our talented app developers. Give it a catchy name and get ready to do great business.


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