About Us

GoluExp is a digital asset (Crypto) platform with the aim of creating innovative blockchain solutions. GoluExp discusses Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, dApps, and Metaverse assets. We provide cryptocurrency price forecasts as well as vital information about blockchain initiatives.

GoluExp’s mission is to educate and inform crypto traders about new digital assets and their potential. We keep you up to date on the potential of DeFi, dApps, meme coins, NFTs, and Metaverse initiatives. We make every effort to deliver accurate and credible information gathered from a variety of sources.

Our goal is to give opportunities for cryptocurrency traders of all levels of expertise to flourish. We strive to provide sophisticated information and trade techniques such as market research and crypto price predictions from a variety of sources.

Our Vision

Our vision is to educate Crypto traders regarding the potential of Cryptocurrency. We want to deliver real-time cryptocurrency price projections based on AI-powered technical analysis and the previous performance of Digital Assets.

How GoluExp Started?

We discovered a gap in the cryptocurrency market. With new Crypto projects launching on a regular basis, it may be difficult to determine whether one is a worthwhile investment. Few materials were available to recognize the potential of Digital Assets when GoluExp started. After observing the early response from crypto traders, we decided to keep researching the potential of cryptocurrency.

How does GoluExp Work?

Our price forecasts are based on extensive technical research and the historical performance of crypto assets. We study trade trends and gather information from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. However, GoluExp does not promise to have 100% accurate Cryptocurrency pricing.

Because the cryptocurrency market is very unpredictable, cryptocurrency prices might frequently deviate from our price estimate. Nothing is definite in the crypto market. In seconds, a bull or bear surge may demolish all price projections. GoluExp constantly updates its price estimate according to market activity.

Before making any financial choice, we recommend that our visitors conduct their own research. We do not offer investment consulting or financial advice. This website’s information should not be considered as financial advice. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please contact us via our contact page.


Is GoluExp Free?

Yes, GoluExp is absolutely free to use. We do not charge any fees or collect funds in exchange for our services.

Is GoluExp Trustable?

GoluExp makes no assurances about the 100% accuracy of its price estimates. We always urge Crypto Traders to conduct as much research as possible before making any investment.

How does GoluExp provide Crypto Price Forecast?

GoluExp examines cryptocurrency behavior through technical analysis and historical performance. In order to anticipate prices, we also collect data from numerous crypto communities.

Who is the founder of GoluExp?

Amit Sharma is the founder of GoluExp.

Where is the Headquarters of GoluExp?

GoluExp 100% works on a remote basis.