10 Secrets to Dominating Fiverr

10 Secrets to Dominating Fiverr
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10 Secrets to Dominating Fiverr

Topic: 10 Secrets to Dominating Fiverr

There are no shortcuts to getting featured on Fiverr. Not much money will squeeze you onto the first page of your chosen category. You have to work. it’s about “work”

1. Make your title understandable and use keywords that describe your show.

2. Capitalizing a keyword in the title will help it rank better in searches (you can’t capitalize more than one word).

3. Create a professional-looking video to promote your show. The great thing about Fiverr is that you have a ton of professionals who can provide all kinds of marketing and promotional services under the sun, all for just $5. Think about it and spend some money on your presentation. It will pay off. (I recently ordered a dub for my poetry performance and it had a huge impact on the quality and presentation)

4. Always deliver your show on time. If you don’t, you’ll get bad feedback and lose habits. Fiverr wants to make money (so Fiverr bosses get a commission of $1) Be careful in the beginning, imagine if you got 10 orders every day how long would it take to complete them? Once you’ve found your feet, you can always cut back on time.

5. Offer something original. Take your time browsing through the different categories and discover the wild and awesome shows out there. I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration. Oh! And try to do what you love, which is reflected in your dedication and quality of service.

6. Make your profile and show photos unique and original. Personal style helps build confidence and confidence. One photo in your profile and one photo/image in each of your shows communicate well and work best.

7. Be willing to offer “buy one, get one free” offers to get big sales fast and increase your feedback. People who get a lot are more likely to give glowing feedback. Fiverr loves the relationship and rewards it.

8. Mention your performance on Fiverr only, at least twice in your video or audio. Also include the Fiverr logo on all videos and upload the video to YouTube for extra visibility. Including a link to the URL of your performance on Fiverr in your YouTube description is also a great marketing tactic.

9. Write an article about your experience on Fiverr and submit it to EzineArticles and other leading article submission sites. These are the free services and key weapons you’ll be competing with on page 1. Don’t forget to include your gig URL in the resume or resources box as well.

10. Publicity, publicity, publicity anytime, anywhere. Use your social network. Join forums related to your gigs and list them there. Add a signature to your email and include your show URL. There are hundreds of opportunities on the internet to get ads for free. Use as much as you can and watch your rankings improve and orders increase.

I think the tips here are helpful and you now have a better understanding of the world of Fiverr.


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